Dr. Chandrashekhar DoundM.D.; D.C.H. (Mumbai)

Dr Chandrashekhar R. Dound, M.D.; D.C.H. (Mumbai) is a child specialist and a well known expert on reversal of obesity, diabetes and hypertension (high B.P.) practicing in Bandra and Khar West.

Since 2006, he has helped thousand plus people lose weight, reverse diabetes and hypertension. He has personally attended, followed up each of his patients over a long period of time. In the process, he has gathered vast knowledge and experience with which he has developed a unique program called "Transforming Dietology TM".

Dr C R Dound was particularly concerned about hardships faced by obese people. They go to gym, work really hard, try various diets for months and years together and are frustrated with the outcomes .

People with diabetes and hypertension take 5, 10, 15 tablets every day for 10,20 years and yet cannot control the disease or prevent its complications. They continue to suffer as they are told that these diseases are chronic and irreversible.

Transforming Dietology TM has changed all this.

It helps a person lose up to 11 kg of weight (fat) per month.

It ensures super-fast results for diabetics and has reversed diabetes in 3 weeks to 3 months in majority of patients.

Gone are the days when "DIET" meant "STARVING" and eating tasteless , insipid nauseating meals.

Transforming Dietology Tm ensures that you get good nutritious, your own home-made food that is tasty, delicious and nourishing. You eat well (no starving).

It does not matter whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian, an eggitarian or a non-vegetarian.

The program works wonders across all dietary patterns and across all cultures.

The results are amazing.

Apart from the obvious weight loss , what is really transforming are the changes in the internal body parameters like cholesterol and triglycerides which revert to normal in a month or two , putting a complete STOP to medicines like statins which have their own side effects .

A long list of beneficiaries includes doctors, engineers, Businessmen, international CEO, teachers, government officers etc.

While many practitioners of reversal of obesity and diabetes encourage fasting (which is really another word for starving), Transforming Dietology encourages you to lose weight and reverse diabetes scientifically "WITHOUT FASTING".

Come! Join us at CRD to begin a new life - No obesity, No diabetes, No High BP and NO MEDICINES.